New Horizons: How Expedia Group and Sabre Shape Public Opinion in the Travel Industry

In the travel business, companies like Expedia Group and Sabre are changing the story of global travel experiences. Their latest announcements not only show how dynamic the travel industry is, but they are also perfect examples of how to handle public opinion and PR. In this week’s blog post, I talk more about these events and how they relate to the topics in our MKTG 214 class: public opinion, PR management, persuasion, and the strategic role of PR in creating business reputations.

Expedia Group’s Global Travel Ecosystem Expansion:

The fact that Expedia Group is adding new partners to its global travel environment shows how working together can improve services and the customer experience. This move shows how strategic alliances can help build good public opinion. It also shows Expedia’s dedication to diversity and new ideas in the travel industry.

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Sabre’s Launch of Sabre Red Launchpad with Internova:

In the same way, Sabre’s launch of the Sabre Red Launchpad with Internova Travel Group is a great example of how technology can be used to persuade people in PR efforts. This booking solution shows growth and efficiency, and it aims to change the industry’s image so that it is seen as more integrated and easy to use in the future.

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Power of Public Opinion & Persuasion:

Expedia Group and Sabre have shown that they have a deep knowledge of how powerful public opinion can be through these actions. By advertising themselves as leaders in new ideas and customer-focused services, they not only change how people think about them, but they also get other companies in the same field to do the same. In this situation, persuasion is carefully woven into their stories to show how these partnerships are good for travelers all over the world.

Reputation and Image Management:

Image and reputation are at the heart of these smart moves. The work that Expedia and Sabre are doing is in line with the idea that a good image can be a company’s most valuable asset. By working together, they build on their reputations as leaders in customer satisfaction and technological progress, two important factors that consumers use to make decisions in today’s market.

Utilizing PR for Organizational Goals:

Both releases are great examples of how managers use public relations to help their companies reach their goals, carefully planning each step to make sure it fits with the company’s overall goals. These strategies aren’t just public comments; they’re part of a bigger PR plan that aims to raise awareness, build trust, and get people involved.

PR Objectives, Campaigns, and Budgets:

When you look at the goals, campaigns, and funds behind these projects, you can see that they take a focused approach to both internal and external PR. Expedia Group and Sabre make the most of their PR budgets by carefully crafting their messages and selecting the right outlets for distribution. This makes sure that their campaigns have the most impact and return on investment (ROI).


Expedia Group and Sabre’s strategic growth can teach us a lot about how to handle public relations, specifically in the travel business. These examples show how important it is to know your customers, how to effectively persuade others, and how important it is to keep a good company image. These articles also show how technological progress and public relations can work together to make travel more enjoyable. In the future, every trip will be about more than just the destination; it will also be about the experience of getting there.


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